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Dr. Lisa (Li Li) Davis-Watson


Served US Air Force / Army National Guard / Army Reserve

In loving memory of my husband

Marshall L. Watson

US Army 1SG Retired

Lani and Mommy

Lei-Lani Smallwood


Served US Air Force Reserve

Welcome to Friend to Friend, where empowerment and well-being intersect!  

At Friend to Friend, we specialize in guiding individuals and organizations toward holistic success by fostering growth, resilience, and balance. As a trusted partner in both business and wellness coaching, we are committed to helping you thrive in every aspect of your life.  

Our approach integrates proven strategies from the realms of business and wellness to empower you to reach your full potential. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to launch your venture or a seasoned professional aiming to enhance your leadership skills, our business coaching programs are tailored to equip you with the tools, insights, and confidence needed to achieve your goals.  

In addition to our business coaching services, we recognize the importance of holistic well-being in fostering sustainable success. Our wellness coaching programs are designed to support you in nurturing a healthy mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to cultivate resilience, manage stress, and optimize your overall wellness.  

Led by experienced coaches who are passionate about inspiring positive change, we are dedicated to providing personalized guidance and unwavering support on your journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment. Through a collaborative and compassionate approach, we empower you to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.  

Explore our website to discover our comprehensive range of coaching programs, resources, and testimonials from clients who have experienced transformational results. Whether you're seeking professional growth, personal development, or a harmonious blend of both, we're here to help you unlock your true potential and thrive in every aspect of your life.  

Thank you for considering Friend to Friend as your partner in pursuit of greatness. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey toward lasting success and well-being.

Have an amazing day,

Dr. Lisa Davis-Watson, DHA, MBA/HCM, BSN, RN

(Li Li Watson)


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